Mobile Agenda App Introduction

NOTE: An updated version of this guide is available as a PDF using this link: MobileAppIntro2015.pdf

(smaller version with lower res images for slow connections is here)

Download the App

Your school’s app is available on both the iTunes and Google Play app stores as a free download. Blackberry 10 users can download the Android version of the app from http:// Make sure to allow the app permission to send you push notifications as the school will use them to send you updates and news. 

4 Ways to Maneuver in the App 


  • Tap the left and right sides of the screen to move through dates 
  • Tap the date at the top to return to “today”
  • Tap a class name to enter notes
  • Tap the blue event text for more details 


  • Swipe left and right to move through dates 


  • Tap and hold the date to select a date to jump to
  • Tap and hold a class name to set a reminder 

ROTATE the phone 

  • Rotate the phone to landscape to see the whole week
  • TAP or SWIPE to move from week to week
  • Tap the calendar icon to switch between week and month views 

Main Screen (Day View) 

The main working screen in the app shows one day’s schedule, with the classes for the day, the date, any extracurricular activities in the morning, at lunch, or in the afternoon, and any school event information (in this case it is just indicating that you are viewing the current day’s schedule). Swipe or tap the sides of the screen to move between days, tap the date to return to today, or tap and hold the date to choose a date. The app automatically starts up with today’s schedule, except in the evening when it shows the following day. 


At the top right of the screen is a button which gives you one-touch access to a variety of functions. Hold your finger on the button to bring up a list of actions - tap the desired action to set it. The button will change to indicate the selected action. Some of the available actions are:

  • News: Shortcut to the "News" function in the sidebar menu
  • Notifications: Display a list of recent push notifications
  • Website: Open the school website
  • Handbook: Display the school handbook
  • Settings: Bring up the app settings
  • Photo: Take a photo note. It will store the photo into the notes for the current class, based on the time of day.
  • Student: Switch between student timetables. Allows for multiple student's schedules.

Configuration Screen 

Tapping the gear icon on the main screen brings up the configuration screen. This is where you can set the classes you have in each block, their associated colour, as well as any extracurricular activities.

Once you have entered your classes and chosen colours, the app will sync to the school timetable in the app, and populate the calendar automatically. It’s just that simple!

(iOS version shown. The number and names of the blocks will be specific to your school, and vary from the example shown). 

Help Screen 

Tapping the ? icon at the bottom left corner of the main screen brings up a brief series of help screens with a quick overview of using the app.

Sidebar Menu Screen 

Tapping the menu icon at the top left of the main screen brings up the sidebar menu. This menu has information specific to your school as well some settings and general info. The options in the menu are:

  • News - This will show the latest news bulletin from the school, if any.
  • Notifications - This shows a list of the most recent push notifications received by the app.
  • School Website - Tapping this will launch the phone’s web browser with the school’s website.
  • School Handbook - Displays a copy of the school handbook.
  • School Contacts - Displays key contact information (address, phone, emails) for the school.
  • Settings - App settings. The first two control whether or not the start/end times and block names are shown on the main screen. The "Prefer Info" controls whether the app will default to text notes, photo notes, or a ToDo list when you bring up last controls whether the app will show the notes or ToDo list for a class first when you tap on the class name. There are also options to set whether the week or month view is shown when the phone is turned to landscape and to select which channels you are subscribed to for targeted notifications. On iOS, you can also add the school events to the system calendar, so they are visible in other calendar apps.
  • About - Basic information about the app.
  • Feedback - This will allow you to send a feedback email if you have any questions, problems, or suggestions. 
  • Below the sidebar options is the school's twitter feed.

Notes/Todo Screen 

Tapping on a class name on the main screen will being up the notes/todo screen for that class. There are tabs for text notes, photo notes, and a ToDo list.

The notes & todo items are for the course as a whole, not a specific day/period. This means that no matter what day is showing on the main screen, tapping “English” for example will bring up the notes for that course. 

Setting Reminders 

Tapping and holding on a class on the main screen allows you to quickly add a photo note for that class or to set a reminder for that specific class and period. The reminder/alarm is added to your default calendar/reminder list in your phone. 

Event Information 

The main screen will show event information for that date in blue below the date and day type. If there is more information on the event, or additional events happening on the same day, the event information will be shown with an ellipsis (...). Tapping the event text will bring up a panel with the additional details/events. 

Personalized for Your School 

The app is personalized for your school’s calendar, timetable and identity with the school colours and logo, and has a direct link to the school website. It will also receive push notifications sent by your school administrators to remind you of upcoming events, let you know about schedule changes, advise you of school closures, and other news.