Fast, easy to use, optimized for a school's timetable & school branded

Timetable viewer and class organizer/mobile agenda apps targeted at secondary schools. The emphasis is on providing fast, simple access to timetable information. The current day's schedule is shown immediately on launch, with access to the schedule for any day in the current school year. Students can also add notes an ToDo items for each class, and set reminders for particular events. The apps also provide week- and month-at-a-glance views.  



Each app is customized for a particular school's block rotation and calendar, and includes upcoming school events. The school administration is provided with secure access to sending push notifications to advise their students of last-minute schedule changes and other information. The app is also branded with the school's logo and colours, providing a sense of identity not found in a generic calendar. 



Simplicity, Focus & Personality

The apps are designed to make it fast and easy for students to focus on the highest priority items - "Today"s classes and events - and expand their view to other days, to the week or month as needed. Each class can be assigned a colour by the students, allowing them to have their schedule presented in a colour scheme suited to their personality and preferences.


Individual student data - classes, notes, and reminders - is never transmitted to or stored on our servers. The apps do not track, transmit, or store the users location or any individually identifiable data.


The apps are available for iOS (supports iOS 6.1+) and Android (supports 2.3+) and can be downloaded from the iTunes and Google Play app stores. Android APK's are also made available for sideloading to non-Google Play Android and Blackberry 10 devices.

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