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Timetable viewer and class organizer/mobile agenda apps targeted at secondary schools. The emphasis is on providing fast, simple access to timetable information. The current day's schedule is shown immediately on launch, with access to the schedule for any day in the current school year. Students can also add notes an ToDo items for each class, and set reminders for particular events. The apps also provide week- and month-at-a-glance views.  



Each app is customized for a particular school's block rotation and calendar, and includes upcoming school events. The school administration is provided with secure access to sending push notifications to advise their students of last-minute schedule changes and other information. The app is also branded with the school's logo and colours, providing a sense of identity not found in a generic calendar. 



Main Screen

At the top is shown the day of the week, the date, and the block rotation for the currently displayed day. Below are the classes for the day, with spaces for before and after school and lunchtime activities, with the start and end times for the blocks optionally shown.

Tap the date at the top to go to the current schedule (either the current date, or the next day if after 4pm). Pressing and holding on the current date will bring up a date chooser to select a specific date.

Swipe left to go to the previous day, swipe to the right to go to the next day.

Notes and ToDo list

Tap a class name to access notes and todos for a class. These are for the class as a whole, and are not specific to a particular block.

Tap the tabs to switch between notes and todos. By default the notes are shown first, but todos can be set as the preferred view in the settings.



Hold your finger on a class to set a reminder. You can set the reminder text, and whether or not an alarm is set, and the time for the alarm. Reminders are added to the default system calendar/reminder list. On the main screen, blocks with a reminder set will show an indicator. Holding on a block with an existing reminder will allow you to edit the existing reminder.



Week View

Simply rotate phone to landscape orientation to switch to a summarized week view. Navigation between weeks is similar to the main/single day view: Tap the date at the top to go to the current week (the current day will be highlighted); Swipe or tap left or right to go to the previous/next week. Tap the calendar icon at the top left to bring up a month-at-glance summary


Push Notifications

Secure access for school administrators to create push notifications to students and parents with the app installed. Send messages such as reminders of school events and activities, last minute changes to schedules, information on school closures due to weather, and anything else that needs to be passed on quickly.


Tap the gear in the bottom right to set class names and colors, and set morning/lunch/afternoon activities.  App settings can be found int the sidebar menu.






The apps can be downloaded from the iTunes and Google Play app stores, and the Android apps are also available for download and side loading here

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